What is this? Well, it is a perfect gift book. Get it for you or for anyone who could use a preparatory essay for life and all of its poops, both literal and non-literal.


If you like this book, like the message, and like the idea that we can all enjoy birds and forgive them in their time of digestive need, we'd love your help in spreading the word. Yes, someday a bird will poop on you. And yes, it will be all right. 

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Susan Salvi

Susan is an actor, artist, and writer who lives in Chicago. She will occasionally assault you with her brain offerings using her mouth as a vehicle, while on stage at various non-offensive establishments around Chicago. You can see more of her "work" at various places online, or  FOLLOW HER ON TWITTER, though she sometimes goes through long periods of inactivity.

Megan Kellie

Megan is a writer, actor, artist, and other who lives in major American cities, this time Chicago. She has done improv and sketch comedy all over the place, also essay shows, radio shows, and one podcast. She has also illustrated a guide to surviving bedbugs, and painted a bunch of nervous cows. You might want to maybe FOLLOW HER ON TWITTER, too.

Together, they created SOMEDAY A BIRD WILL POOP ON YOU. They also performed together in various improv and sketch comedy shows, and with the group BRICK. They have a two woman show called SPANCY AND JANET TALK ABOUT VEGAS (website pending). In their spare time, they plan a local, hand made craft store with mustard, printed socks, and homemade flags. Why not email them? Okay: somedayabirdwillpooponyou@gmail.com

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